smoky gin/vodka martini
with smoked sea salt & smoked gouda stuffed olives.

fiddlehead bloody
made-to-order bloody mary blend, crushed mustard&red pepper & house pickle.

petal pusher
grapefruit vodka, lemon, campari & cocchi americano.

bohito on the Rox
sapphire gin, lime, sugar-muddled mint & sparkling water.

pear drop
pear vodka, st. germain, lemon, simple syrup & pear slice.

courvoisier vs, lemon, orange liqueur &  raw sugar rim.

pisco pear sour
pisco brandy, fresh lemon&lime, bitters, egg white, simple syrup & pear slice.

kees me
hendrick's gin, strawberry puree, lemon, muddled mint & sparkling water.

dan d. lion
silver tequila, citron vodka, peach schnapps, bitters, sugar cube & rose's lime.

yankee candle
calvados apple brandy, bourbon, apple cider, ginger beer & cinnamon.

beverly jean
vodka, crème de violette, lime, lychee syrup, orange blossom water & white wine.

mandarin vodka, tangerine puree & lemon with raw sugar rim.

rye-mes with orange
rye whiskey, fernet branca, sarsaparilla, orange creme bitters & torched orange peel. 

c'est rah
pear vodka, lemon, white peach puree, st. germain & ginger kombucha.

lavandula angustifolia
house lavender vodka, limoncello, lemon & simple syrup with lavender flowers.

party boat
cherry vodka, lemon, simple syrup & maraschino bing cherry juice. 

pickled ginger
dark rum, lime, simple syrup, ginger beer, ginger kombucha & candied ginger.

59th street bridge
sloe gin, lime, warm-spice bitters, tonic water & soaked cinnamon stick.

the soil of a man's heart
gin, lemon, orchard apricot liqueur & peach schnapps. 

Maine martini
allen's coffee brandy & cream.