Join us for Dinner.


cheese plate.  one cheese:14  two cheeses: 21  three cheeses: 28
red dragon y fenni, taleggio & bouchevrette with poached pear, tangerine honey & crispy toast. 

crab rangoon.  10
with sweet&sour apple sauce.

pumpkin ricotta gnocchi.  8
with mushrooms & sage.

pickled apple tart.  10
with roasted chestnut & crème fraiche. 

chà giò.  8
with nuóc châm, cilantro & mint.


house.  8
with mixed greens, radish, red onion, cucumber, grape tomato, carrot & chive vinaigrette.

radicchio.  11
roasted, with smoked bay scallop, chopped dried apricot, shaved parmesan & dijon dill vinaigrette.

spinach.  10
with pickled red onion, cornichon, red dragon y fenni, chopped egg & lemon fenugreek vinaigrette.

green tomato.  9
sliced & cheddar crumble roasted, with watercress, ground walnut ricotta & honey.



fiddlehead burger.  17
grilled, with ground bacon, grilled pineapple & smoked pork loin, spicy slaw & ranch-roasted fingerling potato.* house vegan burger optional

chicken sausage delicata squash.  21
roasted, with filone stuffing, ragout & farmer's cheese.

mushroom rissole.  18
with orzo, watercress, sorrel, lemon oil & broth.

salmon pot pie.  23
with salmon & salmon belly, potato, leek, carrot & onion, sautéed greens & sliced radish.

lamb dumplings.  20
baharat-spiced, with lemon yogurt & aleppo pepper sauce.

pulled pork.  24
with apple cider barbecue, stewed pinto bean, avocado relish, pickled jalapeño, celeriac&apple cider & corn tortilla.

Chef's steak selection.  market
grilled, with roasted root vegetable & garlic&parsley sautéed mushroom.*  

duck leg confit.  25
with purple sticky rice pudding, five-spice gingerbread & umeboshi gastrique.


cucumber mint lemonade. 
maine root sarsaparilla. 
white peach bellini. 
margarita.  with raw sugar-salt rim. 
iced tea/soda pop. 


chocolate torte.** 8

pie&ice cream.  flavors daily.  9

coconut cheesecake.  with toasted meringue & coconut flake.  9

bread pudding.  warmed, with walnut caramel sauce.  8

cheese plate.  14

house ice cream.  flavors daily.*  5

house sorbet.  flavors daily.**  5

big black cow.  9

 *gluten free
**gluten & dairy free 


a real irish coffee.
sassicaia grappa.
château haut-mayne sauternes
pacific rim framboise.
blandy's malmsey 10yr madeira.


ferreira white.
ferreira 10yr tawny
ferreira  20yr tawny

french press coffee.

*we do not separate checks for parties of six or more. 20% gratuity added for parties of six or more.*

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.