Join us for Dinner.


cheese plate.  13
chevre in pistachio, black sesame & japanese seven spice, red wine poached pear &  tangerine honey with grilled filone. 

deviled eggs.  7
with carrot puree, smoked sea salt & honey.

ravioli.  8
cheese-filled, with roasted sweet peppers, olive oil & soy emulsion.

okonomiyaki.  9 
with shrimp, bacon & egg. 

burrata.  10
with prosciutto, apricot compote, sorrel & grilled filone.


house.  8
with mixed greens, radish, red onion, cucumber, grape tomato, carrot & chive vinaigrette.

romaine.  9
grilled, with stilton, roasted tomato, roasted garlic vinaigrette & apple cider reduction.

fresh fennel & red grapefruit.  10
with smoked trout, sugar snap peas & citrus vinaigrette.

spinach.  12
with grilled halloumi, pistachio, pomegranate seed, pomegranate molasses & lemon-fenugreek vinaigrette.



fiddlehead burger.  17
grilled, with ground bacon, canadian bacon & sunny-side egg on english muffin, with garlic sautéed spinach & hash.* house vegan burger optional

chicken.  20
seared, with marinated, grilled asparagus, roasted red potato & huancaina.

chick pea fritters.  18
with cucumber raita, pear&apricot chutney & flatbread. 

halibut.  35
seared, with char siu pork, rutabaga, english pea & onion hash & yuzu beurre blanc.*

pork coutry rib stew.  25
with kielbasa, house hot sauce & cornbread.

Chef's steak selection.  market
grilled, with chevre polenta cake, golden&red beet emulsion & swiss chard.* 

salmon.  29
seared, with red cabbage slaw, minted pea puree, pickled chick pea & dill-pollen crema.*

linguine.  18
in parmesan broth, with salt&sugar cured egg yolk & grilled filone.


cucumber mint lemonade. 
maine root sarsaparilla. 
white peach bellini. 
margarita.  with raw sugar-salt rim. 
iced tea/soda pop. 


chocolate torte.** 8

pie.  flavors daily.  9

rose petal crème brûlée .*   8

honeyed rhubarb preserve.  with vanilla mascarpone cream.*  9 

cheese plate.  13

house ice cream.  flavors daily.*  5

house sorbet.  flavors daily.**  5

big black cow.  with not your father's rootbeer.  9

 *gluten free
**gluten & dairy free 


a real irish coffee.
chateau roumieu lacoste sauternes.
sassicaia grappa.
pacific rim framboise.
la gitana manzanilla dry white sherry. 
blandy's malmsey 10yr madeira.


ferreira white.
ferreira 10yr tawny
ferreira  20yr tawny
terra d'oro red zinfandel 'port' 

french press coffee.

*we do not separate checks for parties of six or more. 20% gratuity added for parties of six or more.*

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.