Join us for Dinner.


cheese plate.  one cheese:15  two cheeses: 22  three cheeses: 29
lakin's gorges cascadilla bleu; lemon-zest whipped abraham's creamery chevre; manchego.  with warmed greek olive, salted almond & warm baguette. 

baba ganoush.  9
with pickled beet, dill flower, harissa paste & baguette.

jianbing.  13
with spiced duck confit, pickled mustard greens, duck egg, crisped wonton & pickled radish with sambal oelek.

green tomato.  13
fried, with mimolette&herb panko, burrata, molasses barbecue sauce & serrano pepper dress.

anchovy toast.  13
with tomato-rubbed, grilled baguette, pickled red onion, chili flake, garlic oil & almond butter.

farro risotto.  8
with ricotta, pistachio, saffron & honey.


house.  8
with mixed greens, radish, red onion, cucumber, grape tomato, carrot & chive vinaigrette.

summer savory caesar.  9
romaine, crouton & parmesan in anchovy, egg & garlic dress.

warm chayote.  13
with cantaloupe-marinated pulled pork, avocado, puffed rice, serrano chili sauce & cilantro vinaigrette.


fiddlehead burger.  18
grilled, with ground bacon, muenster, kielbasa, thick tomato slice, grilled corn with cotija&cilantro dress & pasta salad.* house vegan burger optional

chicken.  23
ritz&pecan crusted, with roasted sweet potato, roasted leek in orange butter & white miso gravy.

fresh mozzarella scotch egg.  20
with panko, tomato sauce, garlic-sautéed summer greens & grilled baguette.

cod loin.  28
seared, with aguadito de pescado, pepperoncini&microgreen salad & crème fraiche.

lamb.  26
roasted in rajasthani pepper gravy, with coconut basmati, green cucumber chutney & papadum.

center cut pork loin.  25
vietnamese-style marinated, sliced & grilled, with purple sticky rice, tamarind salad with charred corn, mint & cilantro & jalapeño peppers.

Chef's steak selection.  market
grilled, with roasted&browned half-potato, creamed corn, roasted zucchini&summer squash salad & toasted hazelnut crumbs.* 

salmon pot pie.  23
with sauteed savoy cabbage, peas, green bean & mushroom in potato cream with puff pastry.


cucumber mint lemonade. 
maine root sarsaparilla. 
cherry lime rickey. 
margarita.  with raw sugar-salt rim. 
iced tea/soda pop. 


chocolate torte.** 8

fruit brûlée.  10

s'mores cheesecake parfait.  9

cheese plate.  15

house ice cream.  flavors daily.*  5

house sorbet.  flavors daily.**  5

big black cow.  9

 *gluten free
**gluten & dairy free 


a real irish coffee.
sassicaia grappa.
maccabeo.  mas peyre "le démon de midi"
rocky ground cidery "freight train"
fattoria del cerro sangallo vin santo di montepulciano doc
porto 10yr aged white port
ferreira 10yr tawny port
ferreira  20yr tawny port

french press coffee.

*we do not separate checks for parties of six or more. 20% gratuity added for parties of six or more.*

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.